The FuSuMaTech Initiative expected impact is listed in detail in the work program. Click here to download the program. The areas of impact can be summarized by the following key areas:

  1. European leadership in the exploration of visionary technologies beyond academic excellence with engagement of scientists, citizens, innovators, policy makers.
  2. Improved long term innovation potential in Europe both from the abundance of novel ideas and the range of actors ready to take them forward.
  3. Improved understanding of the range of possible impact mechanisms for long-term science and technology research.
  4. Improved readiness across Europe to engage in silo-breaking research collaboration and to take up new research and innovation practices.
  5. Opening the scope of academic R&D&I to subjects of interest for industry and enlarging the innovative potential by access to experts in magnet development
  6. Strengthening the European Knowledge and Innovation Community for High-Field Superconducting Magnets
  7. Networking between Industrial and academic partners

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